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Drip paint rainbow love revitalize dull life

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The most precious is life, life for each of us only once. When we were safely enjoy healthy and happy life, when a sad news was coming in our production department staff Hu Hou Yong's body. Hu Hou Yong's wife in early 2013 was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, medical institutions are working for her medical care, but the huge cost of treatment required to have let this family overwhelmed.

"A difficult one, P Plus support." When he learned that Hu Hou Yong wife's condition, in need of multiple chemotherapy in urgent need of huge medical expenses when this news, the initiative by the union of our group, a massive donations action within the company to start up quickly, the staff responded enthusiastically. Raise donations 8100 yuan within a few days. Love Without size, gathering strength to fight the disease, so that we refuel with the truth of life, with love to pass life!

     Employees are the foundation of the Group's development, our group will continue to focus on the necessities of life of employees, for employees to actively solve problems in life, so that employees feel the warmth of the family group-wide!




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