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Anhui new energy automotive industry alliance established

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Anhui new energy automotive industry alliance established

Together to create value over 100 billion new energy automotive industry base

(Hefei Daily Section A04 Edition February 28, 2014)


WASHINGTON (Ms Wong) as the first national "energy-saving and new energy vehicle pilot cities," and one of the first "private purchase of new energy vehicles to subsidize pilot cities," one of Hefei in new energy vehicles to promote the application has been walking in the country forefront. With echoes, new energy automotive industry also began to emerge. Yesterday, Anhui new energy automotive industry alliance established, 16 members of the League have settled in Hefei 15. Future, the alliance members will pull together, relying on nest together to create value through the open area over 100 billion of new energy automotive industry base in Anhui province.

New energy automotive industry "Rising Star" Strobe now

Speaking of new energy vehicles in Hefei, JAC and Ankai has a reputation. JAC and Ankai except, of course, the city there are a number of new energy vehicle manufacturers and the matching of parts manufacturers, a complete industrial chain taking shape.

Anhui new energy industry alliance established car yesterday no lack of new energy vehicles "star." Hop nest through the open area of ​​Anhui Guangtong New Energy Motor Corporation is a new energy automobile manufacturers. According to the company responsible person, the company has built over 60,000 square meters of new energy automobile production plant, which is now actively apply new energy automobile production qualification. The project will produce pure electric passenger cars, vans and electric Coste et al., The first electric Coaster is expected in July this year.

Not only the new energy automobile companies considerable strength, battery, motor, electric control and a number of new energy vehicles core parts enterprises are constantly gather in Hefei. With the win, Anhui Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a lithium battery production and Electrical Control products business, although the company was settled in 2012, but the construction is very fast. The company official told reporters, now nine factories have been built, by the end of June and early July 3000 battery power management system will be put into.

In addition, China Xuan Tech, automation and other new energy giant a core parts manufacturers are steadily developing in the service Hefei local enterprises but also continue to go out and promote the accelerated development of new energy automotive industry Hefei.


Enterprises "pull together" and development

"The new energy automotive industry for the whole of Anhui is an excellent opportunity for transformation and upgrading, Hefei, Anhui, and even in the promotion of new energy vehicles in the nation, we have reason to believe that the establishment of industry alliance to seize the new energy vehicle development opportunity, hope alliance members to strengthen cooperation and the role of the Union. "At the meeting, former chairman Zuo Yan'an JAC development of new energy vehicles have high hopes. JEE Automation forest Juguang also hope that the Union can play a role in sharing and joint, not only for technical resources statistics, but also to share resources in the supply chain, procurement chain.

Yesterday Industry Alliance inaugural meeting, 16 coalition members have signed a cooperation framework agreement, to be in the nest together to create value through the open area over 100 billion of new energy automotive industry base in Anhui province, everyone according to their director duties, gradually on a complete new energy vehicles, the upstream and downstream system. Nest together through the open area in charge of security of land, infrastructure, means of production; JAC, Chery Automobile, Ankai, Hefei Chang, Guangzhou Automotive, Se Pate cars and other responsible for the development of new energy vehicles; State Tower Tech, with the win Lithium responsible for lithium battery development and industrialization; a giant electric motor and automation is responsible for system development and industrialization; provincial industrial investment company in financing, project construction and operation support and assistance; Industrial Bank and China CITIC Bank is responsible for the settled in the base to provide loans to support industrial projects.


(Source: Hefei Daily)


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