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Province new energy vehicles, "hold together" Baotuan development

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Yesterday, the reporter from Anhui new energy automotive industry development alliance inaugural meeting was informed that the province JAC, Chery, Ankai, China Xuan, etc. 16 units joined forces to build a future of new energy vehicles production, research and market three platforms.

    Car prices in our province, "hold together" development

    New Energy and Industrial Development League car yesterday inaugural meeting, 16 members have signed a cooperation framework agreement, to be in the nest together to create value through the open area over 100 billion of new energy automotive industry base in Anhui province, everyone according to their own director of its various divisions grade, and gradually form a complete new energy vehicles, the upstream and downstream system.

    This 16 units in the league, there are JAC, Chery, Ankai, China Xuan such a "senior" companies, there are also wide-car, Se Pate car so just getting started in the field of new energy vehicles, "Rising Star."

    In order to build the industrial base, the 16 members have a clear division of labor, nest together through the open area will be responsible for security of land, infrastructure, means of production; JAC, Chery Automobile, Ankai, Hefei Chang, Guangzhou Automotive, Se Pate responsible for the development of new energy vehicles and other models; State Tower Tech, with the win in charge of the lithium lithium battery development and industrialization; JEE Automation systems and electric motors responsible for the development and industrialization; provincial industrial investment company in financing, project construction and operational aspects of support and assistance; Industrial Bank and China CITIC Bank is responsible for the settled base to provide loans to support industrial projects; Provincial Commission by letter, thirty-eight, co-workers and other units will also give some support.

    To "Tesla" school concept

    Yesterday's inaugural meeting, a lot of new energy automotive industry "big brother" who appeared for the industry suggestions. "America's new energy vehicles Tesla success stories, it gives us a lesson that the industrialization of new energy vehicles can." Although retired Jianghuai "number one", but left Yan'an still concerned about the development of the automobile industry, Ann "emblem new energy vehicles, the Tesla can learn, not learning its price, but the idea of ​​learning it. "

    JEE Automation chairman Lin Juguang also hope that the Union can play a role in sharing and joint, not only for technical resources statistics, but also to share resources in the supply chain, procurement chain. "Hefei, Anhui, and even in the promotion of new energy vehicles in the nation, new energy automotive industry for the whole of Anhui is an excellent opportunity to upgrade, but also an important choice to break through China's own brands." Left Yan'an representation. (Reporter Wang Tianhao)



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