Anhui Province-wide Automotive Group


Group Introduction


        Anhui Province-wide Automotive Group predecessor was founded in February 2004 in Anhui Province Guangtong Automobile Co., Ltd., changed its name in 2011 after the reorganization of assets in Anhui Province-wide Automotive Group. Companies registered capital of 70 million yuan, is located in Hefei, Anhui Province, Chaohu Economic and Technological Development Zone. Automotive Group-wide reorganization to spend 2.5 billion yuan to build 500 acres of new energy automotive industry base, leading products for new energy vehicles, sanitation machinery and equipment, special vehicles, passenger cars, tank trucks and other five major product lines. Item one was to start construction in 2013, it has built a No.2 plant a total of 60,000 square meters, office building, dormitory 17940㎡.

        Guangtong Automobile Group under the jurisdiction of the new energy, more than 200 private cars, buses, environmental protection equipment, automotive parts, international trade and import and export branch offices of large enterprise groups, the Group employees, including engineering and technical personnel more than 35 people, with high titles more than 11 people.

         Guangtong Automobile Group has a domestic advanced modern production plant and the investment to build the domestic first-class welding, stamping, painting, assembly and four automobile production lines; has a full automatic production line welding equipment and process support equipment; with domestic class advanced professional testing equipment; and to establish a process before covering blasting systems, paint automatic coating line, with advanced technology and equipment to ensure product performance and quality.

        Automotive Group-wide focus on product research and development, the establishment of municipal enterprise technology center in 2013, and extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known universities, research institutes. Which was established in cooperation with the Hefei University Automobile Research Institute new energy research and new energy testing center, a technical support-wide research and development of new energy vehicles. Guangtong new energy vehicles have been listed in Anhui Anhui new energy automotive industry base. Anhui Province as an important new energy automotive industry alliance member companies.

         With the national urgent requirement for environmental pollution control company-wide flow, and the Japan Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. to jointly develop medical waste incineration car, the car after the second high-temperature incineration, so that emissions to meet international environmental standards for domestic forward example. Cooperation with the company also developed carbide furnace, sewage treatment and other environmental protection equipment are the world's leading, to fill the gap.


Guangtong Automobile Group has a strong technology, solid style, good at innovation, the financial industry's top technical experts at home and abroad-class R & D team, to declare the 16 technology patents. And applied products which increase the product's technical superiority and economic benefits.

         Guangtong Automobile Group adhering to the "quality first, customer first" approach, strict implementation of the various requirements of the quality management system, and strictly run by ISO9001 quality management, national 3C compulsory certification system. Constantly optimize the quality management system, continuous improvement, the implementation of the whole process of value chain management and PDI AUDIT review project to create brand-name products.

         Guangtong Automobile Group at all levels of government support and the strong support of national policy, to Guangtong Automobile Group built on technological innovation, advanced technology, variety, quality leading domestic first-class car manufacturer responsibility, all the staff tireless pursuit struggle and return to the community!

Anhui Province-wide Automotive Group